My Girlfriend is a Zombie

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 99 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will be talking about the upcoming manhua, My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 99. We also provide the recap of the previous chapter below.

My Girlfriend is a Zombie

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 98 Recap

Lin Mo found the big gel that was extracted from a mutant animal, and it is still unknown whether the gel is similar from the ordinary gels or not, and he promised to give it to the girls if there’s nothing wrong with the gel. Lin Mo then expressed his gratitude to the senior who became their vanguard. He also praised Ye and Shana. They also find an unknown snake, but the snake’s blood smells different than the others and no one could communicate with it. However, there’s a similar scent that is identical to the senior’s scent. The senior denied it and she seems even more unapproachable and more dangerous. Besides, the senior’s eyes are also identical to the snake’s eyes. Lin Mo then asked everyone to go back, but then there’s a mysterious zombie approaching the snake from the shadow.

The next day, Lin Mo approached the snake and was startled with the sight of the mysterious zombie who sucked off the snake’s meat. There’s something wrong with the man’s eyes. The man then tried to attack Lin Mo but Lin Mo took control over him right away. He gave the man some venom gel, then there were more zombies approaching them. He then asked the girls to follow his lead.

All of a sudden, Lin Mo felt that the zombie, which he recently took control of, had lost its breath even though the zombie was near him a second earlier, and he assumes it has to do with the venom. Lin Mo and the girls then passed through the bridge, but he felt there was someone staring at them, and Lin Mo hopes that it’s just his illusion. But then, a shadow peeked up from behind them.

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Synopsis

When disaster happens, the special power inside Lin Mo awakens. Unlike typical zombie movies when people are supposed to save themselves and survive, Lin Mo’s power enables him to control zombies. Lin Mo could walk through the crowd of zombies using his power. One day, Lin Mo finally meets his girlfriend in an abandoned bus – only to find out that she’s no longer human and has turned into a zombie.  His life now turned upside down. The story then continues on his journey to retrieve his girlfriend’s memories as well as keep on surviving in a world of doomsday. 

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 99 Prediction

At the ending scene of chapter 98, Lin Mo felt someone was staring and following him from behind, and he hoped it was just an illusion. However, there was a shadow of a person who peeked up from behind and watched them. Then, who is that person? Why did that person follow Lin Mo? We will know about it in the next chapter for sure. 

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 99 Release Date

This manhua releases two chapters every week, the latest update of My Girlfriend is a Zombie manhua was on May 20th and the next updates will be in next week. Make sure to check our websites for further updates regarding the Manhua.

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