My Girlfriend is a zombie

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 115 Release Date, Updates and More

Hey everybody! Today we will discuss the upcoming My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 115! But first, let’s have a recap of Chapter 114 to help you swiftly move into the new chapter when it’s finally released for us to read!

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 115

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 114 Recap

Turns out, they dogs are the Half Moon Zombie Leader’s pets. Suddenly, the Half Moon Zombie Leader smells something strange, something who has similar strength as her.

Inside a moving car, Jia Yu is feeling regretful about Yang Jia and the other’s unfortunate fate. But, for all it’s worth, they are safe now with weapons and a vehicle. They then arrive at a shopping centre to gather some food and finding other survivors. They are all grateful for Ling Mo protecting them. Ling Mo feels something is watching them. After getting the canned food, they are looking for survivors next. All of a sudden, Ling Mo aims his gun at a big pink teddy bear and tells someone inside it to get out. 

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Synopsis

When disaster happens, the special power inside Lin Mo awakens. Unlike typical zombie movies when people are supposed to save themselves and survive, Lin Mo’s power enables him to control zombies. Lin Mo could walk through the crowd of zombies using his power. One day, Lin Mo finally meets his girlfriend in an abandoned bus – only to find out that she’s no longer human and has turned into a zombie.  His life now turned upside down. The story then continues on his journey to retrieve his girlfriend’s memories as well as keep on surviving in a world of doomsday.

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 115 Release Date

So guys, do you want to read My Girlfriend is a Zombie manhua chapter 115? The manhua releases two chapters weekly. Since the latest chapters were released on June 24th, we will probably see the new upcoming chapters in the coming week. Stay tuned to our website for the updates.

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