My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 100 Spoiler Out Now

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 100 is out now and here is the review for you! To refresh your memory on the previous chapter, we also provide the recap of chapter 99  to help you connect to the new chapter with ease.

My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua

Recap My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 99

The chapter suddenly starts with Li Yalin being naked and even forgetting what a mirror is. She thought she was trapped inside the mirror. Lin Mo then explains it to her that it was just a mirror, and tells her about her body parts. He then dresses her up. On the other room, Ye Lian and Xia Na also haven’t finished picking clothes to wear. Then suddenly, somebody was seen peeking from behind the curtains. Lin Mo’s perception was right. Lin Mo then tries to discover who it is with his puppet. Turns out, it is actually a corpse who knows how to clean, but Lin Mo decides not to chase it. After that, the group leaves that place. He intends to get to Xia Na’s house by evening, but in the street, there are too many dead corpses. Apparently, the corpses are being controlled by a corpse’s leader who was peeking earlier.

Review My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 100

After dealing with so many corpses, Lin Mo’s group starts handling the corpse’s leader. When trying to land a hit, Lin Mo learns that the corpse’s leader is very agile and can dodge so many attacks. It is so far the strongest corpse he as ever seen. Turns out, the corpse’s leader is a girl, a tomboy no less. She is actually another corpse who can’t talk properly. The girl then shows her interest in Ye Lian, and she says she is looking for a spouse. However, Lin Mo demonstrates sensual actions with Ye Lian in front of the girl, he also kisses her. This angers the corpse’s leader, and she threatens to kill Lin Mo and win Ye Lian back.

Where to Read My Girlfriend is a Zombie Manhua Chapter 100

So, if you guys are interested to read My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 100, you can do so by going to some reliable websites online. Enjoy the read everybody.

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