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Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 285 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will be discussing about Metropolitan System manhua Chapter 285, but first let’s get a recap of the previous chapter.

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 285

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 284 Recap

Jiang Bai told Chae Taedong that he didn’t want the 8% share but he asked to be paid 20 billion yuan. The Chae Taedong informed him that he didn’t have enough cash for that and besides, he didn’t have the authority to decide about it. Jiang Bai told him to pay the 20 billion yuan to Li Qingdi since he owed him a lot. If they have a deal then he wouldn’t intervene any transaction between them and the Portugal group in the future. Jiang Bai managed to collect big money from Malaysian Genting Casino, Nanyue Tushan Gambling House in Xiang Jiang China, Oceanic Marina Casino, and Sun City Casino in South Africa. However, he got into trouble in South Africa. Slater’s men thought he was cheating. But after Slater found out that he was Jiang Bai he gave him 20 million USD. Jiang Bai refused the money. Slater told him that he won’t give the money previously won by Jiang Bai. And Jiang Bai got furious.

Metropolitan System Manhua Synopsis

One day Jiang Bai woke up and realized that he had transmigrated to a similar Earth-like parallel universe. Stuck in the body of a weak and cowardly loser, a cheat system was given to him to forge a tyrant’s way in this new world. He grew in strength with the cheat system and amassed great wealth and influence. As he grew in strength, he realized this universe, after all, was not as it seemed. Legends and myths were not just fabricated, and this world was far more dangerous than it seemed. In this new world how would Jiang Bai fare?

Metropolitan System Manhua Chapter 285 Release Date

Metropolitan System Manhua was published regularly, the latest chapter was posted on June 24th, and the next chapter will be out in the coming days. English translation will become available a few days later. You can read Metropolitan System manhua in various manga hosting websites. Check our websites for further story-related information!

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