Martial Peak Manhua

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 582 Spoiler Out Now

Guys chapter 582 is finally here! Now, we will review the chapter for you. We also have a recap of chapter 581 in case you need to remember the previous plot.

Martial Peak Manhua

Recap of Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 581

Zi Mo didn’t react after Yang Kai told her that he wants to go to the Abandoned Earth. Su Ling  wonders why Zi Mo seems reluctant to brought them there. Zi Mo explained that there were mysterious energy swirled around in there, randomly slice anything apart. Zi Mo also told them that  several people teamed up and launch an exploration to the Abandoned Earth not long ago. After asking permission, Zi Mo’s master allowed her to repay her debt to Yang Kai by showing directions to the Abandoned Earth.

Su Ling was curious if the way to the Higher World resides in the abandoned Earth, but Yang Kai didn’t want to tell her anything. When they were out of the cave, they encountered a group of men led by an immortal ascension boundary third stage called Xing Bao. Apparently, Xing Bao belongs to the other part of the sect within Shen Luo Temple. He was about to banished Zi Mo and other members of the rebel sect. Xing Bao command his men to capture Yang Kai and Su Ling.  Since Yang Kai can’t do anything, Su Ling had to use her Floating Water Balls and trapped all Xing Bao’s men inside the bubble.

Martial Peak Manhua Chapter 582 Review

Su Ling, feeling offended, burst the bubble with the people from Shen Luo temple inside them until they all die. Zi Mo and Yang Kai are shocked because of her action. Yang Kai is worried because they’re killing people in someone else’s territory, which could make things troublesome. Zi Mo’s master then comes out, saying that he has to capture the two. But Yang Kai tries to boast his abilities, which sparks the interest of the master. The master then lets Zi Mo take them to Abandoned Earth, and prohibit them from coming to Sen Luo temple in the future.

After they are away from the cave, Yang Kai pulls out a tracing insect that the master planted. But Yang Kai put the tracing insect back. He is not afraid of the people that might be after him. 

In Sen Luo Temple. Every decade, a person from 5 major factions will be elected to compete for the position of sect master. The father of Xing Bao is the sect master of the smallest and weakest of faction amongst those five factions.

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