Apotheosis Manhua

Luo Zheng Epic Journey to Find His Sister


Apotheosis: Elevation to the status of a god manhua tells the story of Luo Zheng, a young master of Luo Family. However, due to internal dispute within the family, the second family branch of Luo has taken over and their young lord has decided to treat Luo Zheng as the flesh target for his family’s lesson. Luo Zheng has endured everything happened to him until the current young lord, Luo Pei Ran told him that Luo Yan, his beloved sister, has been sent to purgatory mountain by Qing Yun Sect to reflect on her action. Luo Yan is the hope of Luo Family’s main branch. She is extremely talented and invited to become inner disciple of Qing Yun Sect at the age of 13 and therefore, she avoided the family turmoil. 

After hearing the news from Luo Pei Ran regarding his sister, Luo Zheng was determined to find his sister and thus his journey begins. Luo Zheng gains his first strength with the help of the golden parchment hidden within the book. With it, he can improve his endurance and strengthened his body at the same time. During clan training day, he crippled the young master of third family branch, his own cousin, Luo Cheng Yun. Luo Zheng was supposed to be freed from the family but the current head family, Luo Bing Quan, Luo Zheng’s second uncle denied his freedom. 

Suddenly, Luo Zheng was taken by Xie Lang demon to the refining furnace. Xie Lang planned to throw Luo Zheng into the refining furnace in order to refine his Xuan Tier weapon and made it into Liang Tier weapon. However, Luo Zheng activates one of his dragon scales, which can increase his power multiple times and with this power, he killed Xie Lang. 

Luo Zheng went to Qing Yun Sect to found out about his sister whereabout and able to enter as the disciple. He chooses Drizzle Peak and aimed for the highest skill – Tien Tier skill. And he also got Sky Devil’s Divine Fist and the elder gave him another Tien Tier skill. He practice on those skills and determined to look for his sister in Purgatory mountain. He found out that he should collect points to be able to go to Purgatory mountain and should have at least 1000 points to reduce a year sentence. Luo Yan was sentenced for 1000 years. 

Luo Zheng took mission from Instructor Su to hunt Blade Insect in Purgatory mountain. He managed to kill normal and leader of Blade Insect but having a bit trouble when facing with Blade Insect Queen. But in the end, Luo Zheng succeed in collecting 1500 points after exchanging it. 

After collecting 1500 points, he decided to climb the Purgatory mountain to find his sister. No matter what, Luo Zheng wants to rescue his sister. He knew that he might get killed when entering the mountain but he didn’t care. Before he reached the peak, he met Wang Yang Miao, a pro-pass disciple of Qing Yun Sect. Apparently Wang Yang has met Luo Yan and intends to call Luo Zheng as the brother-in-law, but Luo Zheng didn’t trust him. This sparks a fight between Luo Zheng and Wang Yan. Meanwhile, Luo Yan could only watch from a distance how his brother come and intend on rescuing her. She cannot leave the mountain for some reason. Due to power difference, Luo Zheng cannot beat Wang Yan and promised him to come back in three years and rescue Luo Yan. 

The journey didn’t stop here but I didn’t intend on ruining all the fun for you, guys. If you’re interested to find out whether Luo Zheng would finally meet up with his sister, make sure to keep reading Apotheosis: Elevation to the status of god manhua on this site. 

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