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I’m The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 165 Release Date, Updates and More

Guys! How was chapter 164? Forget what it was all about? Here’s a recap for you. But now, let’s talk more about chapter 165! We will discuss about what might happen next in chapter 165 and its release date!

I'm The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 165

I’m The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 164 Recap

Xiaodong meets with his dota friend and his girlfriend. His name is Tank and he looks very tough. Tank won this years provincial Taekwondo competition this year. Tank feels that Xiaofan has offended him somehow while Xiaodong was on the phone with him, because Xiaofan practically says that he’s weak. That girl used to think that Xiaofan was cute when he was little, but she thought he was too timid and weak. After that, Xiaofan arrives with his loli. Xiaodong looks excited. Tank couldn’t contain himself and tries to provokes Xiaofan into fighting him. Xiaodong is doing all he can to stop it. 

Synopsis of I’m The Great Immortal Manhua

In the realm of immortality, his previous life was a peerless genius. Three celestial Beings murdered him. By heaven’s book he was accidentally reborn to his 20s. What he wanted to do was become an immortal and return to the eternal world, and he became the greatest man on earth, transforming his hands into clouds, covering his hands with rain, stirring up everyone who defies him! He is the venerable one! The lord of three thousand planets! The guy which is ten thousand times better than Thanos! Taixuan Taizun! The Great Immortal!

Prediction for I’m The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 165

Tank seems really pissed off because of Xiaofan. But they are all there with one goal; to save someone. Will Tank be able to set aside his anger and work together with Xiaofan? Or will the two of them actually fight? 

I’m The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 165 Release Date

If you guys want to read I’m The Great Immortal Manhua, it releases a few chapters once in three or four days. The latest chapters were released on June 16th. Therefore, the upcoming chapter 165 is likely to be published this week. Be sure to check some of online sites to catch the new chapter when it’s released! 

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