I'm The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 164

I’m The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 164 Spoiler Out Now

Chapter 164 of I’m The Great Immortal Manhua has been released everybody! Now, we will give you a review of the new chapter. If you wish to remember the story of the previous chapter, we will also give you a recap!

I'm The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 164

I’m The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 163 Recap

In their new home Li Xiaofan had dinner with his father. He has decided to fight for himself, for his father and even for his mother. Xiaofan cultivates in his room that night. His ascension speed towards godhood has been growing faster since he consumes the celestial mixed stone. He can not wait to regain his true strength and return to his initial state of immortality. Xiaodong called him right in the middle of his cultivation. He told him about their class monitor. She seemed to be missing. It might be that something bad happened to her. Xiaofan told Xiaodong he’s going to find her, but Xiaodong suggests Xiaofan shouldn’t be going alone. They would meet the other guys before they tried to find her. Xiaofan checked the safety seal he gave her the previous night and he knew Zhang Lijuan was still alive. It appears Master Chen took her and hid her in the mountain.

I’m The Great Immortal Manhua Chapter 164 Review

Xiaodong meets with his dota friend and his girlfriend. His name is Tank and he looks very tough. Tank won this years provincial Taekwondo competition this year. Tank feels that Xiaofan has offended him somehow while Xiaodong was on the phone with him, because Xiaofan practically says that he’s weak. That girl used to think that Xiaofan was cute when he was little, but she thought he was too timid and weak. After that, Xiaofan arrives with his loli. Xiaodong looks excited. Tank couldn’t contain himself and tries to provokes Xiaofan into fighting him. Xiaodong is doing all he can to stop it. 

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