God of Martial Arts

God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 117 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will be giving you the review of God of Martials Arts Manhua chapter 117. We also provide the recap of the previous chapter to help you remember the plot for the upcoming chapter 116.1 below!

God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 117

Recap of God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 116.1

Elder Lin Rui defeated Lin Ba Dao with no mercy cause he was trying to give him a surprise attack. Lin Ba Dao’s son and daughter were trying to attack Lin Rui at the same time, but they were defeated easily. Lin Rui killed Lin Ba Dao by making him frozen into ice. Afterward, Lin Rui admits that Lin Feng was an outstanding genius and he challenged him to a fight. Lin Feng accepted the challenge and they start the fight. Lin Rui attack first and under his ice power, Lin Feng was able to return the attack with Sword of the Setting Sun. Lin Rui got injured and those who were watching wonders about Lin Feng’s cultivation level. Lin Rui attacked him again but this time, Lin Feng cut both of Lin Rui’s arms. Lin Feng told Lin Rui that he did this out of revenge for his father. Lin Feng knew that he was stronger than anybody in there and thus he dare to speak high for himself.

God of Martial Arts Manhua Synopsis

In this universe, all that matter is your cultivation level. Everything was decided with martial arts. Respect also gained through martial arts. Weak martial artists could crack boulders, while the strong one could cut off rivers and split mountains. There were also martial kings who can travel across the universe. Martial art will decide your fate in this kind of world. Those who are weak will be bullied and humiliated while the strong ones will look down on the world. One’s status will be determined by their level of cultivation. And in this kind of world, Lin Feng tried to survive.

Release date of God of Martial Arts Manhua Chapter 117

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