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Can You Survive In A Magical School?

Have you ever imagined going to a magical school? How many magical schools do we know? A lot. To name a few, we have First Magic High from The Irregular at Magic High School, Havrion Academy from A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, Tian Lan Magic High School from Versatile Mage and most people would know this, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from Harry Potter the series. Those schools have their magic curriculum and all their students were trained hard to become a full-fledged magician. But, during the course, can you survive in a magical school?

Versatile mage

For our example, let’s talk about Tian Lan Magic High School where our Mo Fan went to study. This school was considered to be the best magic school in Bo city. Every teenager would like to attend this school and trained to become a powerful magician. The importance given to this magic school might have a close relationship with the world they live in. In the parallel universe where Mo Fan lives, magicians considered being more powerful compare to ordinary citizens. A magician was expected to protect the ordinary citizens and therefore many boys and girls wished to be a powerful magician. And to become one, he or she would have to attend magic high school. 

As shown by its title, Tian Lan Magic High School, its curriculum was closely related to magic. They don’t have many common subjects such as math, biology, physics, or the like. The first day in Tian Lan Magic High School was the Magic Awakening Day, in which all Novice Tier magicians aka students should awaken their magic to start learning about their natural elements. Most students would have wind, fire, water, light, or earth magic. Lightning magic was considered to be the rare one. Students would learn about their magic and try to control it. Teachers and fellow students would grow and develop together in such a school setting. 

versatile mage

However, the challenge to survive in school not only lies in the curriculum and the lesson but also in its social school life. Like what the proverb says, birds of the same feather flock together. Some schools have the same culture. Talented Novice Tier magicians would hang out with those with the same talented skills, while those with average skill would hang out with the same kind. In this setting, bullying often occurs. Just like any other common school, bullying often occurs between those of senior to its junior and sometimes also occurs between those of highly skilled to its less skilled. Common element-user such as light-user or water-user was considered low. Fire-user was considered to be quite powerful. Having a rare element, like lightning, would also help since it means you’re the only one who was able to use the element in the whole school. Learning hard in class was not enough because, to survive, you should also belong to a good social circle. So, after knowing how hard the lesson and the social life in school would be, do you think you could survive in a magical school? If you’re wondering about how Mo Fan would be able to survive in Tian Lan Magic High School, check out the Versatile Mage manhua here.

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