Battle Through the Heavens Manhua Chapter 296

Battle Through the Heavens Manhua Chapter 296 Release Date, Updates and More

Today we will talk about Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 296 manhwa. However, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter first, shall we?

Battle Through the Heavens Manhua

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 295 Recap

In the previous chapter, Zi Yan flew away because she’s interested in the sound of singing, and it turns out that the Queen of ants is the one who sings. They made friends with the ants and the ants would like to guide them to the soul clan branch hall. Inside the hall, Yao Chen was chained using the devouring soul seal. It is the 49th day, and his spiritual core will be extracted. 

Xiao Yan and the others killed the patrol birds that roamed around the hall of souls as an alarm on the entrance. They feel five waves of strong auras coming from the five dou venerate in the hall. Meanwhile, all of a sudden there are tons of ants come through the hall after one of the guards found the stone swallowing demon ants. It is actually impossible for anything to get in there because there is a space of barrier outside the hall, and the masters inside the hall know that someone has destroyed the barrier.

Inside the hall, the old master is ready to welcome Xiao Yan. Then they fight each other, and Xiao Yan meets the fifth dou venerate who ruined Xiao Yan’s teacher’s meeting.The fifth dou venerate attacks Xiao Yan but sky demon puppets protect Xiao Yan from him. Then, the fifth dou venerate protectors of the hall of soul to attack the sky demon puppet.

Battle Through the Heavens Synopsis

In a world with no magic, the powerful ones make the rules and the weak ones have to obey. It is a world where danger hides between its alluring beauty and treasures. A boy with immense and rare talents had lost all of his powers, reputation and his promise to his mother. What kind of sorcery that caused everything to happen? And why does his fiancée show up all of a sudden?

The story revolves around Xiao Yan with a devastating childhood – his mother was killed by enemies when he was 9 years old, and his father never talked about it. His martial art skill never had progress until he was 15 years old because his mother’s ring absorbed it all. One day, he met someone who helped him to achieve his skills and enter Jianan Academy. Eventually, he finds out that his family has been doomed, and he will do anything as revenge for his mother and for the sake of justice.

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 296 Prediction

The next chapter will most likely tell about the continuation of the battle between Xiao Yan and his friends against the protectors of the hall which outnumbers Xiao Yan’s team. Will Xiao Yan be able to save Zi Yan? What will Xiao Yan do to release Zi Yan from the devouring soul seal? Let’s wait for the next chapter to find out about it.

Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 296 Release Date

Battle Through the Heavens Manhua releases two chapters a week. The latest update was on May 18th, and the next update will be next week. Make sure to check our websites for further updates regarding the manhua.

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