Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 588

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 588 Spoiler Out Now

Chapter 588 of Apotheosis has been released everybody! Now, we will give you a review of the new chapter. If you wish to remember the story of the previous chapter, we will also give you a recap!

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 588

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 587 Recap

Long Qin unleashes his Flame Dragon Strike which has destructive power, but it seems Luo Zheng is able to block it somehow. Long Qin suspects Luo Zheng has acquired many points with such abilities. Luo Zheng is confident he can defeat Long Qin in one move, but he wants to deplete his points. That’s why Luo Zheng acts like he is weaker than him in order to get Long Qin to challenge him again. Luo Zheng fights with his bare hands. He eventually finishes Long Qin off and acquires 140,000 points. Long Qin feeling tricked, is really eager to get revenge. This time around, Long Qin unleashes his full power. He charges downwards, directly at Luo Zheng.

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 588 Review

Luo Zheng unleashes Heavenly Tribulation, which is odd because Heavenly Tribulation cannot be called in this Dream Battlefield. Long Qin does not stop, he uses Counter Purgatory Fire to welcome Luo Zheng’s attack. The people around are shocked that Luo Zheng can use Heavenly Tribulation, thus defeating Long Qin. Luo Zheng gains 70,000 points more from him. 

Surprisingly, Long Qin still hasn’t given up. The result of the third fight eventually is still the same. In total, Luo Zheng acquires 240,000 points from Long Qin alone. The current top rank is still Xuanyuan Chenfeng. The observers are questioning Luo Zheng abilities because his rank hasn’t significantly gone up. Luo Zheng then plans to visit the treasure cave since he already has the points.

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