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Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 587 Spoiler Out Now

Chapter 587 of Apotheosis has been released everybody! Now, we will give you a review of the new chapter. If you wish to remember the story of the previous chapter, we will also give you a recap!

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 587

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 586 Recap

Luo Zheng has had enough of Hao, and he killed him in one strike. Gaining 37,400 points from Hao, Luo Zheng now has over 40,000 points. In this Dream Battlefield, there are wolves and there are sheep. The sheep don’t really have many points, so Luo Zheng is after the wolves. He kills some people and now he has 70,000 points. He is ranked 19,000,000 in the dream battlefield. The observers are doubting Luo Zheng’s abilities because he isn’t even in the 10,000,000 rank. At a city, Long Qin is waiting for anybody who dares to go outside. He has at least 200,000 points. Luo Zheng sees this as an opportunity to gain massive points. He walks right into Long Qin’s area, challenging him. All of a sudden, Long Qin launches an attack first.

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 587 Review

Long Qin unleashes his Flame Dragon Strike which has destructive power, but it seems Luo Zheng is able to block it somehow. Long Qin suspects Luo Zheng has acquired many points with such abilities. Luo Zheng is confident he can defeat Long Qin in one move, but he wants to deplete his points. That’s why Luo Zheng acts like he is weaker than him in order to get Long Qin to challenge him again. Luo Zheng fights with his bare hands. He eventually finishes Long Qin off and acquires 140,000 points. Long Qin feeling tricked, is really eager to get revenge. This time around, Long Qin unleashes his full power. He charges downwards, directly at Luo Zheng.

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