Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 576 Spoiler Out Now

Apotheosis Manhua chapter 576 has been released! This article will provide you the review and the recap of the previous chapter as well.

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Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 575 Recap

Luo Zheng is in the library, and he would like to step in the road of extinction as a trial after he was asked to clear the road of extinction. The trial looks very interesting, and after Luo Zheng completes the clearing, he will be able to obtain a new token to open the refining workplace. Luo Zheng first fight was with the people from saint race, and he used his sword to kill the man by hitting his weak spot. Everyone was left in awe after seeing Luo Zheng’s ability and unnatural growing speed because he can cross a major cultivation in two years. 

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 576 Review

The dream battlefield will open soon, and even though Luo Zheng had an amazing ability to cross the cultivation realm in just two years, but he still need to increase his strength. Luo Zheng encountered You Young’s apprentice brother which is also the master of the immortal mansion in the previous chapter. The new master of the immortal mansion looked special because of his monstrous power and his ability to communicate with Luo Zheng. The new master told Luo Zheng that he cannot pass the test unless Luo Zheng able to answer his entire question. Luo Zheng thinks it’s weird and he attacks the master using 10,000 scales of dragon punch. 

However, even though the master got hurt after Luo Zheng’s previous attacks, he still wants Luo Zheng to bow politely to him. They kept on fighting, and apparently the master is using a temporary body of divine sea realm and his original body is located nearby. Luo Zheng then attacks him using sword technique, but the master managed to turn back his attack and the attack fires back to Lou Zheng. The master surprised to find Luo Zheng’s strong body. Luo Zheng then attacks him using heartless divine art sword technique – a strong technique that could split the heaven and kill everything. At first, the master thought he was able to block it, but it seems like he was wrong. Is Luo Zheng will be able to defeat the master? 

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