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Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 573 Spoiler Out Now

Right now we will discuss a review of Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 573 spoiler, starting from the recap of the previous chapter 572.

Apotheosis Manhua

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 572 Recap

The death battle is happening in the immortal mansion, and there’s only one survivor who can escape. There are 5 people in this battle which are Zi Shui, An Mo, Sui Ying, Chen Li and Di Wei, all are heavenly venerate members. They are trapped in a band of lights with black and white colors that can tell the remaining time of the battle. When the white color completely disappears, the entire circle will be black and the people inside will die. 

Luo Zheng continues to explain that it takes fully 6 hours for the band to turn into black. An Mo yelled at Luo Zheng, saying that what he did by killing 4 heavenly venerates can affect the universe, but it seems like they have no other choice. Everyone starts to think of the best way for them to win the death battle. Zhi Sui attacked An Mo first due to the endless conflict between the human race and demons. Meanwhile, Sui Ying would like to kill Di Wei and Chen Li first because they are the weakest amongst them. 

Then some of them joined forces and helped An Mo to fight against Zhi Sui using the heavenly emperor’s profound blade. After attacking each other, An Mo then creates a dark star to suck everyone’s energy so that they won’t be able to run away from him. All of a sudden, Zhi Sui’s water stopping beam trick pass through An Mo’s chest and killed him. The heavenly way then shaking, and he is the first heavenly venerate that has been slained during the death battle. 

Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 573 Review

An Mo was the first heavenly venerates that got killed. The battle continues. Suiying heavenly venerates got attacked by Di Wei’s big rock and Chen Li’s fist, and then he died. Zhi Sui then used his water stopping beam trick again to attack the others, making two more heavenly venerates – Chen Li and Di Wei died.

Meanwhile, the others are talking about the crown of destiny. There are 4 more crowns of destiny, and it is not worth the effort to just focus on this one particular crown and that would let more heavenly venerates to get killed. Each of the clan’s representatives then decided to return to their respective clan to prepare for the battle to take the 4 other crowns, and each of them left their troops to monitor Luo Zheng. Luo Zheng then asked A Fu to transform the immortal mansion to its original form. Then, it looks like someone is coming, and Luo Zheng heard a mysterious voice. Who could that be?

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You can read Apotheosis Manhua on webtoon and several reliable websites.

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