Apotheosis Manhua Chapter 567 Spoiler out now

In this post, we are going to give you a review for the latest update of Apotheosis Manhua . Yap we will going to give you a review and spoiler for Chapter 567 of this manhua. If you haven’t read previous chapter, You can read Apotheosis chapter 566 below.

Apotheosis Chapter 567
Apotheosis Chapter 567

Recap Apotheosis Chapter 566

In chapter 566 the early Apotheosis of the story begins from Yao, who tells Yue Ye that You Meng and Jian Tong in action to seize the new crown of Destiny and give it to Yao. But dozens of heavenly venerate also wanted to seize the new crown Destiny which said that the location is near Xun. So all trace the location of Xun’s whereabouts.

In somewhere else Luo Zheng who was in the plate of Samsara got an attack from the monster night clan that owns the realm Lord cultivation base. Luo Zheng turned the direction to avoiding them but quickly they destroyed the plate of samsara with the skills they had. Lu Zheng who has no other choice finally went using immortal mansion. This is the end of Apotheosis chapter 566 where Monster night clan seeks to pursue Luo Zheng using space law for teleportation

Review Apotheosis Chapter 567

At Apotheosis chapter 567 which just published yesterday on the first page of chapter 567 the monster night clan is still trying to pursue Luo Zheng and try hard to destroy Immortal mansion in order to kill Luo Zheng that is inside.

However, the Slash of Jian Tong that he owns it has Karma Law and it is proven to be cutting anything. But at the very least, it is not successful to destroy the Immortal mansion which is very small. These two people realize that they will be able to destroy immortal mansions while flying. Nevertheless, they are just the realm of Lords, although these immortal mansions are being mercilessly destroyed they will still not be able to destroy them.

Behind it came An mo part of the Heavenly venerable who ambushed them both and told them both to go. When going to use The new crown of Destiny. They must rely on the rest of heavenly venerable from the race then the Lord’s realm must communicate with heaven. So even though Heavenly venerable has managed to get the new crown of Destiny. It is impossible for them to be directly wearing them. This is not easy.

Immortal Mansion finally landed into a star followed by An Mo. Luo Zheng who was the new crown of destiny a little bit amazed that he could find out the new crown was there. When An Mo attempted to take The new crown came Zhi Meng shortly after it was overtaken the other heavenly venerable.

Luo Zheng who began anxious to ask A’fu to immediately leave this place. But A’fu refused because of his belief in the strength of immortal mansion

At the end of chapter Xun appeared and shortly afterwards Yao also appeared. There is a thing that makes Xun want to reveal himself out of an immortal mansion because of Yao. But Luo Zheng held him and gave him a suggestion to reply to Yao which we will see in the next chapter.

Where to Read

If you want to read Apotheosis. I advise you to read it on webtoon. But you can also read it on other websites that are quite an update website if you want to read the raw chapter.

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